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Entry #1

Yet another "NEW DESIGN LAWL" post? yeah.

2007-07-17 17:46:00 by Rammer

i likes it. it looks a bit more gritty; just like my very first impression of newgrounds back in 2003 :P

my only thought now is that all those NG tutorials are going to be useless, other than to look at how NG used to be. it's nice to be level 28, though, lawl.


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2007-07-22 22:50:47

I think the new design is pretty cool.

(Updated ) Rammer responds:

indeed it is. i'm going to be a stubborn old man and say i'm always going to be nostalgic for the old layouts, though :P SOMETHING YOU CANNOT BE, mr. "i signed up two days ago, neh neh neh >:C "