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Rammer's News

Posted by Rammer - May 2nd, 2009

the video in my last post was apparently removed, so here's another one.

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enjoi. :3

oh and also

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Posted by Rammer - January 12th, 2009


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Posted by Rammer - September 30th, 2008

my friends have a black metal band called Kastigation, and they're trying to get sponsored by this energy drink mix company called Crave. they really need this sponsorship, and to help, it just takes a few clicks. there's one poll, but on two sites that, for some reason, display very different results. so please vote on them both:

1) http://www.myspace.com/craveed - just scroll down and vote for Kastigation - Oblique. they misspelled it, i know \:

2) http://eggsandkegsradio.com/ - click the purple image in the top left corner, scroll down, and vote for Kastigation - Oblique (again, i know, misspelled).

thanks for the help! :D

Posted by Rammer - July 28th, 2008

as some of you might know, i like to have long hair - this morning, it was past my shoulders. i'm going on vacation to a lake in Utah soon, so i needed to get a haircut.

my uh, barberette (?) noticed that the hair on the back of my head was long enough to be donated to Locks of Love, meaning it was 8-10 inches. so she pulled it back into a ponytail and shaved it off. 10 inches of hair, lopped off and stuffed in an envelope. and it's still long enough to almost reach my back. some cancer patient will be getting it in the form of a wig. how awesome is that? how surreal do you think it would be for me to meet the person who ended up using my hair? :P

anyway uh, Porcupine Tree is awesome and also boobs :3

Posted by Rammer - May 20th, 2008

i think it's about time i got that video off my page.

here's a dumb subject: ACTs. i recently took it (it's required in Colorado) and i got a 29! that means that, based only on my ACT score, i could get into DigiPen. that requires like a 28. fucking YEAH!

if anyone else took the ACT, what did you get?

for you nubs out there, the ACT is scored out of 36. my score of 29 is pretty danged good, considering that.


Posted by Rammer - April 17th, 2008

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Posted by Rammer - March 2nd, 2008

lawl, if only there were still only 30 levels. then maybe this would mean something.

oh well. now i get a bloody machete. (:

Posted by Rammer - February 2nd, 2008

i just bought a year of xbox live, plus 4,000 microsoft points. pretty nifty! only cost me about 30 dollars with my $70 in gift cards :P

my gamertag is RammerRW. add me if you want (:

Posted by Rammer - December 5th, 2007

first off, i'm curious whether this will actually make it onto the front page or not. but second, i've been rooting through old music i used to listen to. it's quite a memory trip.

the one song in particular that i am talking about is "Like a Stone" by Audioslave. i wasn't depressed or anything when i listened to it at the time, it was just a good song, and unlike many other songs i liked at the time, this one still sounds amazing to me.

i just love to find little things like this that remind me of when i was 10 and 12. i have gigabytes of random videos i used to make with my webcam with my brother and his friends (and just because i know newgrounds too well, no, it's not porn :P). i need to watch those again.

i miss the days when i was 12. when flash was just a fun little doodad to mess around with, and if i made a game, whee, that's cool. now it's all about getting sponsored and getting exposure.

i want to make a game that uses copyrighted music, just to ensure i can't get sponsored, so i'm making it for fun. i really do. i just don't have any motivation...being in school and going through some really rough times transformed my formerly open and highly creative mind into a logical thinking machine. ):

wow, i went off subject. oh well


a small trip down memory lane.

Posted by Rammer - November 22nd, 2007

honestly, how many hours a day do you spend making comments on front page blog posts?