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:U text

the "too much frame-by-frame required" bit actually made me laugh. as usual from you, lulu, excellent work. i also lol'd at the juicy-juice thing. :P

i see that you did half of this, too, Zach, but your art style doesn't pop out to me like Luis' does. i'm assuming you did the first half of the movie though. the point is, it all looked consistently good, so good job :3

i...i don't know what i just watched, but...

i loved every second of it, and after watching that new nin10doh movie, this was twice as funny in comparison.

way too short.

you are a great artist, and a great animator. but you have a problem regarding the length of these shorts, in that they are way too short. they are the Daisy Dukes of short cartoons. people aren't on the edge of their seat waiting for the next Shamoozal cartoon to come out, and if they care at all about these movies you make, they will wait longer than four days for something that is longer and higher quality. everything else you have is top-notch - your characters are memorable, you're a good writer, the voice-acting you have is good (when it's present, anyway :P). you just need to work more on the length.

also, how can you get more HD than vectors? HD video is one thing, but nothing will ever beat the clarity and sharpness of vector art.

Shamoozal responds:

Thank you for the comments, but I won't lie that its a slight bummer to see a low score just because of the length of the short.

You're probably right, we don't have as large an audience around here as some other artists and we've been doing this thing for 3 years now. I honestly don't think the problem is the length of the shorts though. Based on ratings alone, our longest short, Crapfest Force, has less views and a lower score than GFG1 and GFG2. Both of those shorts together probably aren't the length of Crapfest Force. I think my main problem is that I don't get enough of these out quick enough. If I did, maybe things would be different.

So anyway, the reason our shorts are so Daisy Duke-like, comes down to a lot of things. Time is number one. I work a real 40 hour a week job that isn't this stuff, I come home and I need to make time for "home" things like spending time with my wife, cleaning my house up, and doing what ever other human has to do when they get to a certain age. Shamoozal, unfortunately, is not my money ticket. I do it part time, for fun! Shamoozal is done out of my own passion, and when I have time for it. When these shorts are put together, lots of time and effort go into these things. A lot of people were surprised to find during the live stream how much time is just spend on doing clean up alone. I just so happened to have an extremely busy summer and no work was done on the shorts as a result. I was able to do this in a few days because I had already boarded and did an animatic for it, I knew the amount of work that needed to be done and I had time. It may have been "only" four days, but I barely left my computer. The dedication was still there.

So yeah, thats why they're short. And come on, I essentially matched this short to a piece of music, how could I really make it any longer, you know?

As for the HD versions, what I mean by those is that you can download them and store them onto your Xbox or PS3 and watch them on an HDTV. They're uncompressed video files, and they look great. You're only seeing these shorts at half of their size, but we work on these shorts at 720p. It's just an bonus for anyone who is interested.

Anyway, thanks for the comments.

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an excellent, if basic, game

this game was a very fun use of about 10 minutes. trying to get the medals improves the replayability, although i think you could have added more creative ones. i very much like the lack of music - it's actually fairly atmospheric when flying your shoe across the Pacific. the calm roar of the shoe's "engine" without any other sounds or music playing definitely makes for an interesting atmosphere. the lax hit detection also helped out a lot. i'm glad you didn't just hitTest movieclips together...it definitely would have brought this down a bit. i had a lot of close calls and it made the game much more fun when i would have that slight sigh of relief over narrowly avoiding something, even when it clearly touched part of the shoe.

the only thing i really didn't like was the size of the shoe and the inability to move around left and right, but it's not a big deal since you're not flooding people with enemies.

the graphics were, well...not bad, i guess :P it worked for this tribute to Soviet Missile Mastar.

overall, i'd say it's a very fun little game. the medals make it worth playing more than once, for sure, but the game itself is solid. good job. :3


like positiveelectron said, you don't learn anything from this. all you do is tell people to copy and paste shit.

this is a worthless tutorial.


you forgot to give credit to a certain Mr. Namzorg, the guy who made this ragdoll! (:

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O: holy fucking shittytits, ben!

sir, i am truly jealous of your amazing muzak skillz. i've been using FL Studio for years now, and i've yet to come up with something so coherent and amazing.

the only thing that bugs me is the slightly drawn-out intro, but other than that, it's perfect. you should make music for a game or something O:


paraphrase: "i like fucking girls lololololol"

maybe make something original?

J-Kellz responds:

take it for what it is


i was checking out your stuff after watching Timefight. i'm sure glad i did. this song has "boss battle" written all over it!

acid stab is one of the best songs i've heard on the audio portal, and that's saying something, with the comptetition from paragon and all them.

i use FL Studio 5 as well, but i'm nowhere near as good as you. the rhythm in this flows perfectly throughout the song, and that calm part in the middle-ish ties it all up, perfectly, by helping to emphasize the more hard-core parts in the rest of the song.

i'm definitely downloading this. and i'm gonna check all your stuff out (: amazing.

DJRunaway responds:

Omfg, thanks for that godly written review man :) Reviews like these keep me goin' on :D I can give ya some tips :) Just add me on MSN ! :D


honk honk.

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