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Flash-DooM 2D Flash-DooM 2D

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


when i saw this on the front page, i was a little cynical, especially after Mike's Doom port. but this was a very fresh and fun take on the classic game. the use of actual sprites was excellent and it was fun. i also very much liked the background and the parallax was nicely done. i found it a little odd that the enemies could see you no matter what when you entered a room they were in, even if they weren't facing you, but health packs were generously littered throughout the levels and it wasn't a big deal. the controls were tight and responsive and i didn't find any glitches regarding them.

i think the one thing that REALLY bugged me was the omission of the health portrait. you had the sprites (like in the icon for this and for the difficulty selection), so i'm a little confused on why you left that out.

other than the small annoyances above, this is a fine tribute to id and to Doom. awesome work (:

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super sweatshop mastar super sweatshop mastar

Rated 4 / 5 stars

an excellent, if basic, game

this game was a very fun use of about 10 minutes. trying to get the medals improves the replayability, although i think you could have added more creative ones. i very much like the lack of music - it's actually fairly atmospheric when flying your shoe across the Pacific. the calm roar of the shoe's "engine" without any other sounds or music playing definitely makes for an interesting atmosphere. the lax hit detection also helped out a lot. i'm glad you didn't just hitTest movieclips definitely would have brought this down a bit. i had a lot of close calls and it made the game much more fun when i would have that slight sigh of relief over narrowly avoiding something, even when it clearly touched part of the shoe.

the only thing i really didn't like was the size of the shoe and the inability to move around left and right, but it's not a big deal since you're not flooding people with enemies.

the graphics were, well...not bad, i guess :P it worked for this tribute to Soviet Missile Mastar.

overall, i'd say it's a very fun little game. the medals make it worth playing more than once, for sure, but the game itself is solid. good job. :3

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Flash Action Script Tut Flash Action Script Tut

Rated 0 / 5 stars


like positiveelectron said, you don't learn anything from this. all you do is tell people to copy and paste shit.

this is a worthless tutorial.

Ragdoll Drag Ragdoll Drag

Rated 1 / 5 stars


you forgot to give credit to a certain Mr. Namzorg, the guy who made this ragdoll! (:

supermario 3D shooter supermario 3D shooter

Rated 2 / 5 stars

it was ok.

the thing that bugged me the most about this was at the beginning, with your grammar mistakes. seriously, what goes through your mind when you write "you're" in place of "your," and vice-versa? also, you use an apostrophe when using a possessive, not plural. it's not "enemy's," it's "enemies."

now onto the game.

the game was ok. the 3d could have been improved. considering you're using swift, you could have enabled shadows or something, or given us some more eye candy. the graphics were really basic. the shooting itself was flawed - i had a hard time hitting the moles. choosing between health and a level password introduced a bit of thinking to the game, but it isn't a good decision. i get to choose between saving my progress or playing a bit longer? not a good trade, methinks.

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WEBCAM tutorial WEBCAM tutorial

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


you didn't explain the code, you made loads of spelling errors (it's LIBRARY, not "libary") and you didn't provide examples of how this could be useful in a game.

horrible tutorial. nice try, though.

David3000 responds:

i did provide some examples of how to use it in a game(the live dress up and add like a cinema or sumthing) plus im dislecksic so at least im trying! i can spell most word rite.

- CoolioBeat 2 - - CoolioBeat 2 -

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


you picked some good songs, there. it ran perfectly on my computer, and when on the harder songs, it was synced fairly well, too. i liked how the character on the left would start rocking out more and more as you got a higher combo. i also liked how his hand slid up and down the neck, although it seems like it didn't move that much.

some bad things i noticed:

1) it's incredibly easy. i was holding my keyboard like a guitar, because i'm awesome, and i was able to get an A on everything, sightreading.

2) it didn't seem like the notes all had the same speed. some came down faster and some slower. it kept the beat, but it was odd seeing the same string of 3 notes getting squished some times and seeing them later on being stretched out, slightly.

3) not nearly enough songs. (:

these bad things were definitely not game-killers. while they only caused a bit of detriment from the game, it was still fun. great job.

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Actionscript Tutorial. Actionscript Tutorial.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

definitely a great actionscript tutorial.

i didn't find any of it helpful, because i already know it, but i can tell that it would be helpful if i was less experienced in flash. i love how you didn't stray to "COPY AND PASTE THIS IT WORKS CUZ IM AWESOME LOL" and you sticked to teaching code.

i noticed a mistake in the advanced section, though. i dunno if anyone pointed this out, but arrays are zero-indexed, so Array[0] would point to the first element, not Array[1]. great job on the rest of it, though. i liked the inclusion of debugging and classes. i don't think many people include that in their actionscript tutorials, so it's good that you did.

i skimmed the beginner bit to see if you would actually teach the concept of coding, rather than arbitrary easy scripts, and lo and did. more people need to see this tutorial before they go on the flash forum, whining about why their code doesn't work, or "CAN U GUYS CODE MY GAME 4 ME LOLZ"

also, at the end of the advanced tutorial, i couldn't click the "menu" button...unless that was just intended to bring up the navigation thing. i think a menu button would have been a bit better than three buttons with numbers on it, but that's a very petty gripe and i'm not holding it against you.

all in all, excellent tutorial.

(also, i looked back in some of the reviews...i must say, i enjoyed your response to IaReFrEaKeeee. some people just don't seem to get that this isn't a silly comment box \: )

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johnfn responds:

Heh, I never encountered the 'menu' issue, but as for the Array thing... I'm not exactly how that bug slipped through :) I think it was from my Visual Basic days... Ah, that language taught me so many bad habits ;)

Thank yee for the review.

Retroid Retroid

Rated 4 / 5 stars

fairly good, but sprinkled with some odd quirks.

one of the more innovative games on Newgrounds. the graphics were perfect - they had a great contrast the the background, yet never slowed down for me, not even when the screen was filling with the triangle enemies. everything was easy to pick out, due to the vibrant colors you used. great job with that.

the gameplay has some issues. the scoring system seemed unpolished. my score would change constantly, going down, then going way up, then back down. i'm not sure why, but it's frustrating to spend a while playing this, only to get a lower score than normal. in normal mode, by the time the 3rd paddle came in, there were far too many triangle enemies on-screen to get comfortable with it. introducing the 3rd paddle earlier, or even in the easy mode.

the intros are far too long. if you can't shorten them up, include a skip button. you can non-intrusively include your "company" in other ways than forcing people to watch a slow animation of it. the inclusion of MochiAds is obnoxious at best, showing horrible ads ("Click here for free games!") for way too long at a time. there's better sponsorships out there (ArmorGames, Crazy Monkey Games, RustyGames, etc) that have non-intrusive intros.

having to read the instructions to unlock the games is a major nuisance. even though i chose the same name i chose when i first played the game, it still said i had to read the instructions to play the game. very dumb decision on your part with this issue.

now that the bad stuff is out of the way, let me gush over the good stuff. the gameplay was fairly derivative, but you came up with several ways to make it interesting. the 3rd paddle is a great idea, as well as the enemies and power-downs. the point-balls never seemed to do much for me, so i never saw any incentive to collect them, especially with the hectic gameplay. the powerdowns multiply your score and give you an extra challenge, whilst the point balls give you a negligible amount of points. maybe including a bit of a health boost would have increased my incentive to get them. the idea of including a tutorial for doing good in the game is a great way for people to work to learn, and it guarantees people will play your game. i haven't done well enough (see second paragraph, regarding the score issue) to see the tutorials, but the idea is good in theory, so you get points for that.

all in all, you made a great game with some highly innovative features and gameplay mechanics...but some odd decisions, slight gameplay nuisances, and excessively drawn-out intros bring the game down slightly.

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HarraH responds:

Thanks for the review rammer, I appreciate your constructive criticism. You will find however, that your score isn't going down. There is 1 decimal place, you may have not noticed this and it may have give the illusion that your score was constantly going up and down.

This game was VERY much an experiemnt for me. If I do end up making a sequel, it will be much better and polished :)


Bubble Tanks Bubble Tanks

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nearly perfect

this game is probably one of the most fun games i've played in a long time.

graphics: the graphics are pretty much flawless. it's all very simplistic and clean. the blue color scheme looks very nice and calming, in spite of the whole tank theme. i think the ArmorGames logo in every bubble was kind of lame, though.

style: everything had a crisp and aqua-esque feel to it. nothing else to really put here :P

sound: probably the low-point of the game, although it's still mostly very good. the only really bad thing about the sound is the sound when you pick up a bubble. it's much too abrasive and picking up dozens of bubbles at a time sounds like a cacophony of AWFUL. the music, while somewhat repetitive, was calming and atmospheric, and perfect for this type of game. i wouldn't have chosen any other song for this.

interactivity: i loved having an essentially infinite amount of tanks to kill and bubblefields to go to. the loading time at the beginning is a little annoying, but considering it never once lagged (well, except for having tons of huge tanks on-screen, but that's flash player's fault) and everything was so seamless, it was well worth the time. the 9 for interactivity is a result of apparently having a high point. i became the spider-esque tank with the big and small laser, and even after going through nearly 10 bubbles, massacring everything in sight and grabbing hundreds of bubbles, i still didn't "level up". i would have liked to become one of those ginormous tanks that take up a quarter of a bubble :D

overall: this is an amazing game. it's definitely going onto my favorites. the only low points here were lack of interactivity (levelling up) and the annoying sound when you pick up bubbles. 9.5/10.

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